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Ummi Atik, Inisiator Sekolah Alam Entrepreneur, Ramah Disabilitas Pertama di Bengkulu

HARI itu menunjukan pukul 10.55 WIB, saya tiba di Sekolah Alam Bengkulu (SAB) Mahira. Cuaca sedikit panas, namun semilir angin yang

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Journalism and Democracy in the Age of Pandemic and Disinformation The Press Freedom index released by Reporters Without Borders in


VR Is the Use of Computer Technology to Create a Simulated Environment.

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, folks! For those of us who want to say thank you to our moms, it’s

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African Nations Are Struggling To Save Their Wildlife

Moms are the ones who bandage our boo-boos when we’re little and continue to take care of us as we